A golden fall evening

I was home sick today, an event made ironic because of the fact that I got my flu shot yesterday. Actually, I think it was a reaction to said flu shot, but that’s just me. I’m feeling better now, but I was just sitting here reading (The City of Dreaming Books) and watching TV (Everybody Loves Raymond) this evening when I happened to glance at the window. ‘What an odd color it is outside…’ I thought.

And then I thought I would share it with you because it was very pretty when I saw what was causing it…

I wish you could see that tree better – its leaves are the exact shade of golden yellow that the sky was so that everything on that side of my apartment seemed to be glowing.

I love fall.


The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

There is no other word for it, this book (novella, actually) is delightful. It’s about Queen Elizabeth discovering that she has a love of reading. Really, that’s about it. Okay, it’s also about how she approaches reading, how her reading habits change (and change her), what her staff think of these changes, and has a lovely, and surprising, ending.

It’s only about 120 pages, so it’s a quick read and it really is surprisingly satisfying despite its diminuitive size. I would recommend it to anybody who likes books about books (a la Ex-Libris, which I adore!) or just anybody who likes books, full-stop.

My rating: A-