It’s like a fiesta in my mouth!

So my team at work last week had a rough day on Thursday. When I told my DE that she deserved cookies, she said ‘What I really need is a margarita.’ Now obviously, I can’t make a margarita and bring it in to work, so I thought I’d do the next best thing…

Margarita cookies!

They’re not just cookies in a margarita glass, they are really Margarita Cookies from Smitten Kitchen. Basically, it’s a shortbread recipe to which lemon and orange zest and tequila have been added. You make them into logs and then roll them in sugar and a little salt, slice them up, and bake them.

Despite the fact that they sound easy, they were rather more difficult (read: annoying) than I expected. But they are pretty tasty! And they’re small, so they’re easy to snack on…

ETA: Sounds like a couple of you are going to make these – yay! My advice? Double the amounts of zest (and maybe also the tequila) – I think that might help give them more flavor and zing and help them not just taste like a citrusy shortbread. I haven’t tried it that way, though, so do so at your own risk! 😉


4 thoughts on “It’s like a fiesta in my mouth!

  1. o h . m y . w o r d .

    why, oh why, have these not been shared with the world before today?? this is like all my dreams come true! Cookies! Margaritas! Cookies! Margaritas!

    Ah, these are going to get a run for their money when I get home…can’t wait!!!

    I wonder how they taste while drinking a margarita??


  2. OK as you can tell Claire likes her margarita’s!!!

    And I have to agree, why oh why has this not been shared with the world (by that i mean Claire & myself) before….

    Thanks Anne 😀 – Toets going to make some this weekend….


  3. How clever! I will give you your just due when I make them, and will always call them “Anne’s Margarita cookies.” Now, off to my mixmaster…

  4. Yes, yes I do like my margaritas. They’re sweet and tangy and have a since salty kick to them if you rim the glass! Ah good times in mexico, good times. lol.

    I made guava, passionfruit and mango jam the other day, Anne, you would be proud of me!!

    Supposed to be baking a cake today to use up some old bananas, but it’s too mega hot..

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