TV breakthroughs!

I finally, finally managed to make it through not one, but two! episodes of Dr. Who. This may not seem like such a great thing, but I kept trying to get into it in preparation for when we finally get the David Tennant Dr. Who series on PBS

(because how lovely is he?), so that I would know what was going on. I never really saw the appeal of the Christopher Eccleston Dr. Who,

but after this weekend, suddenly, I do! He’s no David Tennant, but still…

Anyways, bring on David, PBS!

And in related TV news, I finally got around to watching Torchwood.

I don’t know why Ianto’s not in there, but there is a surprising lack of easy-to-find photos of the Torchwood cast. Anyways…

So. Much. Love.

So much.


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