The baking continues…

I was going to save the apple cider doughnuts to make tomorrow morning, but I got bored. I lucked out because my mom actually has two doughnut pans (but no one has a madeleine pan I can borrow – where’s the logic in that?) – I think the recipe says you can use mini-Bundt pans, if you don’t have doughnut pans, so don’t despair.

The recipe is from Diana’s Desserts here and they turned out really nicely, I think. I messed up the icing and made it too runny (and ran out of icing sugar with which to thicken it up again).

In other news, David Tennant, you were totally worth the wait. 😉 And there is an imminent new Torchwood (I heart Captain Jack Harkness) – huzzah!

My mini-holiday!

For the next two weeks or so, I’m house/cat-sitting for my parents while they are away on a cruise to Hawaii. While it’s not quite the same as being in Hawaii, it’s sort of like a mini-holiday for me! No Stompy McSlammerson, laundry is one stairway closer and does not require quarters, the cats and I both have much more space and stairs to climb, there is a pool, there is satellite TV (which means Food Network and BBC America (I don’t have to wait for Torchwood and they are into the David Tennant Dr. Who (PBS is still on Christopher Eccleston))), and there is a nice, roomy kitchen with a dishwasher.

My mom left a bunch of overripe bananas in the fridge and they were starting to annoy me (by housing a few little fruit flies), so I thought ‘Well, there’s really only one thing to do with overripe bananas…’

So I made banana bread this morning.

I used the recipe at Smitten Kitchen here. I was a little concerned because I had to jury-rig a few things – I only had half the amount of butter (my parents are trying to ‘eat healthy’ so there is a distinct lack of butter and eggs which are two fairly important staples in my diet, the third being cheese), so I used half butter and half a rather old butter-flavored Crisco, which is an abomination before god, but seems to have worked out in the end. Also, allspice replaced the cloves (come on, who doesn’t keep cloves in their kitchen?!) and dark rum replaced the bourbon (I figured that was a closer substitute than Goldschlager…).

And yet it turned out very good – it needed to bake for about an extra 10 minutes, so some of the edges are slightly burny, but I think the extra crispiness of the top is a nice contrast to the very soft and moist insides.

A success!

Up next? Apple cider doughnuts…

p.s. – Claire, I saw your comment after I’d put the banana bread in the oven – great minds think alike! Hope it eventually cools off enough so you can make your banana bread, too. 😉