The baking continues…

I was going to save the apple cider doughnuts to make tomorrow morning, but I got bored. I lucked out because my mom actually has two doughnut pans (but no one has a madeleine pan I can borrow – where’s the logic in that?) – I think the recipe says you can use mini-Bundt pans, if you don’t have doughnut pans, so don’t despair.

The recipe is from Diana’s Desserts here and they turned out really nicely, I think. I messed up the icing and made it too runny (and ran out of icing sugar with which to thicken it up again).

In other news, David Tennant, you were totally worth the wait. 😉 And there is an imminent new Torchwood (I heart Captain Jack Harkness) – huzzah!


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