A quick quiz!

Well, I lied. I did not stay in bed with the Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack (Harkness, not Sparrow). I made the mistake of coming downstairs so I could watch the Food Network. Once there, I suddenly thought ‘You know what I want?’

And here’s your quiz (I’m posting these backwards chronologically-speaking so as to try and limit the amount of cheating!):

This is what I started with…

That’s sugar in one and milk in the other.

This is a mixture of sugar, vanilla, and eggs.

What did I end up with?

One thought on “A quick quiz!

  1. Anne,

    Well, you’ve been busy! In Australia (well, in our family in Australia, anyway), we call this:

    “creme caramel”

    And it was my Grandfather’s favourite dessert. Asked every year what he wanted for a birthday
    “cake” – he’d request “creme caramel”!

    Glad you enjoyed it, and enjoyed baking it too!

    My “American Mud Pie” did not fare so well, I’m afraid. It was going gang busters with the fudge sauce and biscuit base, but the ice cream threw a teeny tiny spanner in the works. I am in deepest darkest Africa, after all!! The damn ice cream didn’t set, and was more like a slushy choclately shake. Why it didn’t set, I’m still baffled. I put whipped cream on top, and that set perfectly after being sprinked with oreo cookies, and the ice cream was basically cream, milk, sweetened condensed milk and a couple of spoonfulls of the fudge sauce, so why that didn’t set, who knows! At least I know for next time, when Tasila’s son, Chito, is in town…we can make a different plan for the ice cream! So, while it wasn’t perfect, we all downed a slice (or sludge-slice, as I took to calling it) on a 40 degree C afternoon next to our inflatable pool. Deepest darkest Africa? Oh yes.


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