I’m back, baby!

After a leisurely two weeks keeping country hours in a remote village (such as it is), I have returned to the city (such as it is). I’m settled back in my teeny, tiny flat with a lovely meal of panang curry and Thai custard from the restaurant just down the street and two hours of Thursday night comedies ahead of me.


I thought I’d introduce you to the herd I was looking after while in the country. Mine:

This is Arthur. He is very cute (as you can see) and he likes to bite (which is cute when he does it).

This is Josephine. She is also very cute. Despite this photo apparently to the contrary, she has a disproportionately tiny head with tiny, tiny ears. She is also rather needy and likes to sneeze in my face.

My parents’:

This is Millie. She’s very cute, too. Very dignified (even for a cat). She’s also very, very small. Nearly Keyboard-size, I would say, Stephanie.

And this…

…is Mr. Darcy. He is an aloof bastard. Which is fitting, I suppose. Secretly, I suspect it’s because he’s not very bright, but my parents refuse to admit that I am right. Had I seen him for a bit longer before I picked out his name, I would have called him ‘Jeremiah’ because he looks like a bullfrog. Again, my parents refuse to admit that I am right.

And those are the hordes!

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