And this is why I shouldn’t be allowed out in public…

When I got home from work today I decided to walk over to the downtown shops to look for a birthday present for someone (my original plan fell through and now it’s going to have to be a belated birthday gift – le sigh). It was chillier out than I realised, so as I was walking, I buttoned up my coat.

Found some very cute things at a new shop (to me) called Bella Home. It’s lovely – like the home section of Anthropologie in a cute, cute, cute space full of hardwood floors, pocket doors, and exposed brick walls (so much love!), but, alas, with prices to match, so I had to shop very carefully. Then on to Art Mart where I found a few more things to be the final touches. The clerk who checked me out was a very cute guy (tall? check. lanky? check. scruffy hair? check.), so I’m trying to flirt.

Okay, I have to stop there and clarify – when I say I was trying to flirt, imagine the most subtle, subtle form of flirting and then increase the subtlety by a power of 10. Not usually very effective. I will simply have to go shop there lots and then hopefully my subtle, subtle flirting will build up and in, like 10 years, he’ll realise ‘Oh, she wants me to ask her out.’ But, as you will see, his next step will undoubtedly be to run in the opposite direction!

So I’m trying to flirt. I leave the store. Leave the mall and I’m walking back to my apartment building. Something’s wrong with the collar of my coat. I look down and there’s a button there that’s not been buttoned.

What’s wrong with that, you say?

Well, it’s not that I just didn’t button my top button, I’ve buttoned my coat wrong. So I’ve been walking around, feeling very Metropolitan for walking to the shops and making these chic/swank purchases WITH MY COAT BUTTONED ALL LOPSIDEY!

Maybe he will think that I am uber-stylish and that it was a super-fashionable, asymmetrical coat.

Or maybe he will think that I am just some crazy girl who can’t do up her buttons properly.

Oh, I am full of the lame.

But that’s why you all adore me, I’m sure. 😉