Where are the tissues?

I knew it was coming, but oh, Doctor!


Well, on to series 3. Freema Agyeman has big shoes to fill, but perhaps the prospect of John Simm will help to ease the pain…

ETA: Oooh, do not like Martha. Wish Rose would come back… I think the Master doesn’t show up until quite late in the series (oh, and Captain Jack, too – yay!), so I shall just have to be a brave viewer and do my best to tolerate Martha for now.


Arthur saw something this morning.

What he saw…

Aaaaand here he is mocking my gardening attempts by insolently munching on a tomato:

Little bastard.

And now off to put together a menu for Thanksgiving! And despite the close proximity of these two topics, I promise that squirrel will NOT be featured.

Probably not, anyway. 😉