Arthur saw something this morning.

What he saw…

Aaaaand here he is mocking my gardening attempts by insolently munching on a tomato:

Little bastard.

And now off to put together a menu for Thanksgiving! And despite the close proximity of these two topics, I promise that squirrel will NOT be featured.

Probably not, anyway. 😉


2 thoughts on “Proof!

  1. Anne!

    To get that little squirrel bastard – buy a tomato (or some kind of other favoured fruit or vegetable), and douse it with tabasco sauce! Injecting it would be the best option to retain the “untampered” look, but I’m imagining you don’t have a syringe on hand, so poking a few holes and rolling it lovingly would suffice. If you don’t have tabasco, any other spicy comination – like cayenne pepper – would do perfectly well, also. (Unless he’s a mexican squirrel).

    I can guarantee (well, almost), that he won’t be back again! At the very least, you can enjoy the carnage.

    Alternatively, buy a pellet gen and shoot the little thief. I’m imagining you’re not a great shot, so it’ll just scare him rather than kill him.

    (we’re having similar issues with baboons here!)


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