A veritable cornucopia of baked goods!

So, as predicted last time I posted, I have been busy, compulsively baking. In addition to the apple cider doughnuts, the rum pumpkin chiffon pie, and the pecan pie, we now also have:


which became these

Brandied cranberry white chocolate chip cookies from here. The Internet said I could actually have white chocolate as it’s not chocolate at all, really, and does not contain caffeine. I decided to take a chance since, unlike regular chocolate with carob, there does not seem to be a good substitution for white chocolate. So far, so good! So far.

There are also some really lovely pumpkin bars that went from this

to these

courtesy of Paula Deen. Really good.

There are also some gingerbread cookies from Moosewood’s dessert cookbook. There would have been pictures, I promise. I had intended to use my dinosaur cookie cutters (which I love!) and thought I might create some tableaus a la Ray Harryhausen, but, alas, I forgot them and had to just use the ones my mom had. Then I thought I might use some of the more bizarre ones to create an all gingerbread scene from Lassie (‘What’s that, girl? Timmy’s fallen down the old well?’) but…I ran out of energy.

But I promise the next time I make a batch of gingerbread dinosaurs, there will be a stegosaurus/tyrannosaurus rex death match for you. 😉