Step 1a: Audition for the Amazing Race.


ETA: Yes, we really did. We missed the date to make and mail in your own audition video, but there was an open casting call here, so my mom and I went. I feel like I should clarify: I don’t watch the Amazing Race. I hate reality programming – they bring out the worst in people and that’s not what I want to see for entertainment. But. My mom loves the Amazing Race, so I said I’d go with her to the audition. Then I came up with my five-year plan as a justification for why I was doing it. And I suppose if someone wants to pay for me to travel around the world and maybe, just maybe, throw in a million dollars, who am I sto say no?

Plus she said if we win, we’ll split it 60-40. 😉


2 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. ok, well, I’m with your mum on this bandwagon – I love the amazing race!

    mainly because I like watching it and being able to say “I could do that soooo much better” and “why didn’t they do ” etc. Because, to be honest (let’s not beat around the bush here), I would be THE BEST amazing race contestant, EVER! But that’s why they’d never choose me. That, and you need to be American.

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