The State of the Union…

So. I was at the Post Office yesterday, attempting to mail a package to South Africa (heads up, Debby!) and had the following conversation with the clerk:

Me: I’d like to pay for this envelope and then to send it to South Africa.

Clerk: (looking in computer) Okay, what country is it going to?

Me: (thinking she can’t see the country because it’s on the edge of the package and pointing to it to clarify) Oh, it’s South Africa.

Clerk: That’s not a country.

Me: (stunned silence)

Clerk: I really need to know what country it’s going to.

Me: Uh…

Clerk: Hey, Bob! What country’s Johannesburg in?

Bob: South Africa.

Clerk: No, it doesn’t come up in the computer.

Me: Uh, I’m pretty sure it’s a country.

Bob: It’s in South Africa.

Clerk: Oh, here it is. It came up. It’s a country.

Me: (to myself) *headdesk*


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