A slight madness, y/n?

So this year, after seeing this post over on Simply Recipes, I thought ‘Well, that doesn’t look too hard, I’m going to give it a go!’ But, of course, I want to make a cool gingerbread house, so I e-mailed my dad and asked him if he would design a little house and make the templates for me to use when cutting out the dough.

Jokingly, I said ‘Go nuts – if you want me to make a gingerbread Fallingwater or a gingerbread Sydney Opera House, I will. Just make the templates for me.’

Silly me.

So after much googling for scale drawings of the Frank Lloyd Wright house, discussion on whether or not the cantilevered balconies can be made out of two pieces of gingerbread or will have to be made out of one, what size the biggest cookie sheet we have is, and worries over whether or not it will fit through the kitchen door, it is time to get started.

So hopefully, over the next few days, I will have some pictorial posts of how one turns a pile of gingerbread into this:

Well, at least all that watching Ace of Cakes won’t be for naught, right? 😉


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