Fallingwater, pt. 2

A very productive day in Frank Lloyd Wright gingerbread – I managed to finish today with lots of flour on my shirt, but very little icing in my hair. I call that a positive. 😉

So this morning, we got to work constructing. Because the basement walls don’t actually sit on anything except whatever the base of our project is, we had to build upside down, adding the walls onto their ceiling (although it looks like the floor):

It went very well, especially considering we were using meringue powder that is probably around 14 years old. Of course, then came the nailbiting moment when we had to turn it over. Sandwiching it between a cookie sheet and a blue chopping board (which will be ultimately be the base), Dad managed to flip it successfully. I had to close my eyes while he did it. So this is what it looked like afterward:

The section at the far left of the photo on the left is an unsupported balcony – impressive, no? While we work, we’ve put some supports under there, but ultimately, it has to stand all on its own.

Then we baked and constructed the second floor. This was fun because it really started to look even more like a house. And we got to make windows. Now, of course, the real Fallingwater just has clear windows, but we decided to make ours ‘stained glass’ because if you’re making windows on a gingerbread house, what’s the point of having clear ones?!

It’s just crushed up candies, but it’s very effective once everything is put together:

Obviously our seams are showing here – if we were really clever, we would have been dyeing the icing brown from the beginning, but I think we’ll just call it winter at Fallingwater and say it’s snow. Mostly, we’ll be happy if it just stays up!

So we have one more floor to go, if I understand the engineer (Dad is the architect/engineer, Mom is the technical adviser, and I am the labor) correctly, which is mostly baked up. We’re going to put the ceiling/floor on this evening still so it can sit overnight and get a bit sturdier and then hopefully finish it off tomorrow!

So far, so good… 😉

ETA: I forgot – we’re down to about 1 (or maybe a little less) batch of dough left. I’m hoping to not have to make anymore, but we’ll see how it goes…


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