A holiday dinner!

Our family’s tradition is to have a nice, fancy dress-up dinner on Xmas Eve. This is a little awkward as it requires my mother and me to time everything so that we still have a few moments at the end of a long day of cooking to put on our dress clothes, but we usually manage it… Mom played sous chef this year which was very fun: ‘Yes, Chef,’ ‘It’s ready, Chef,’ ‘Here you go, Chef’ – nice! 😉

Tonight’s schedule was thrown off a bit and required us to eat in courses. So we started with hors d’eouvres:

Left to right, it’s Crab Salad in Wonton Cups, Italian-Style Sausage Skewers, and Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Dip and Herb Cheese (from Emeril) with pita crisps and garlic toasts.

Then for mains, we had Herb Cheese-Stuffed Eggplant Steaks (they are just not photogenic at all – I promise they are very tasty!), popovers with honey butter, and Green Beans Provencale (with cubes of Mozarella added). Yum!

Dessert was a lovely Cranberry, Caramel, and Almond Tart from Smitten Kitchen. Very nice – the cranberries were a perfect foil to the sweet caramel. I think I overdid it with the almonds (I added a few extra to avoid having any left over), but everything else was perfect.

A resounding success!

Part of the reason that our schedule was thrown off was that I was trying to make a panettone in anticipation for a recipe that we’ll make tomorrow for brunch and ended up having to make two because the first one turned out to actually be a ‘panettone’ instead of a real panettone.

The one on the left is the faux panettone, obviously. The one on the right looks more like the real thing – I guess I’ll find out how close I got tomorrow… Cross your fingers for me!


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