And then…

…I thought ‘I want cake. Non-bizarro cake.’ So I got out my Martha Stewart baking book (which I love) and decided on the Banana-Caramel Cake. And despite a couple of sunken cakes (what is up with that?! Janis, I don’t suppose you have any super-secret pastry chef tips for that?), I think it turned out pretty well. This:

turned into this:

It was quite a hit with my parents, but I think something must be off with my tastebuds tonight because everything tasted very bitter to me – the frosting and the bananas between the cakes, especially – so I sent it all home with them (except for one piece so I can see if my mouth is back to normal tomorrow).

Which means I am left with the bizarro cake. But it’s okay, we’re happy together. 😉

So last night I thought…

…’I will want french toast in the morning.’ And so I made challah (a challah?). But I sort of forgot to take lots of photos to choose from, so this post is more a tour of my tiny kitchen (so you can see what I’m working in most of the time) than a tour of making a challah (a challah?).

My kitchen is tiny. Seriously.

(a) That’s all the counterspace I have and it didn’t even come with the apartment. I have to stand in between the counter and the fridge to work (since I don’t keep a person-sized scale in the house, it’s one of the ways in which I keep track of my weight – as long as I can fit in there, I’m fine). But I’ve gotten used to it, and it’s cozy. Plus, (b) my apartment came equipped with a very convenient rising shelf (please to be disregarding the cat bed above it).

But back to the matter at hand. I wanted french toast. So I made challah.

And then this morning, I had yummy, yummy french toast.