And then…

…I thought ‘I want cake. Non-bizarro cake.’ So I got out my Martha Stewart baking book (which I love) and decided on the Banana-Caramel Cake. And despite a couple of sunken cakes (what is up with that?! Janis, I don’t suppose you have any super-secret pastry chef tips for that?), I think it turned out pretty well. This:

turned into this:

It was quite a hit with my parents, but I think something must be off with my tastebuds tonight because everything tasted very bitter to me – the frosting and the bananas between the cakes, especially – so I sent it all home with them (except for one piece so I can see if my mouth is back to normal tomorrow).

Which means I am left with the bizarro cake. But it’s okay, we’re happy together. 😉


One thought on “And then…

  1. Well, it looks great! In pastry school we learned that it’s not about never making mistakes, it’s being able to cover them up. Banana cakes (and other fruit cakes and carrot cake) are notorious for caving in. Something about the weight of the fruit vs. the ability of eggs to provide structure. Sometimes it’s just that the cake is underbaked but sometimes, well, it just happens. A little judicious trimming, a little extra frosting, and no one will ever know!

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