Just quickly…

Short post, as I’m also watching Persuasion on PBS, but I’ve just finished up the Grapefruit Sandwich cookies from the Martha Stewart baking book (I also spent all morning watching her make baked goods with various celebrities – Jennifer Garner knows what she’s talking about, Kristin Chenoweth has no clue (and is so short that she has to stand on an apple box behind the counter!)). I’ve not tried them yet as I have my piece of banana cake to try again from last night, but they look very nice…

ETA: Verrrrry sweet. And I say do not refrigerate, despite what Martha says. 😉

ETA2: Having had a chance to actually eat a couple of these now, I think next time I’ll use my smallest cookie cutter instead of the 2-inch diameter one recommended in the recipe. I think that might make them a little less intensely sweet and rich (and easier to eat) – just little bite-sized treats instead of a dessert which demands commitment and a large glass of milk afterwards.


2 thoughts on “Just quickly…

  1. What show was Kristin Chenoweth on….I checked Martha and couldn’t find it. Bettie
    PS: She is 4’11” and no cook! But she is on heck of a singer and actress! Bettie

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