Compare and contrast.

Due to the imminent downfall of modern civilization, I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls. I’m in the second season right now and I have to say it once again – how is Dean better than Jess? The answer is, he’s totally not! Dean…

is just so bland! But here’s Jess, the bad boy…


COME ON! Seriously, this is such an easy decision that it’s actually insulting to the concept of decisions in general.

Okay. Off to growl at Dean and drool over Jess some more.

ETA: No, I lied! Off to watch Northanger Abbey, which I actually have read. 😉

New Torchwood!

Series 2 starts next weekend – can’t wait! (Although I still haven’t seen the last episode of series 1…) And I think we’re only actually going to be about a week behind the UK airings – awesome!

Hooray for new, scripted television! (Stupid writer’s strike is going to bring about the downfall of non-reality television, I just know it…)