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Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

So I felt like reading a book that I could just tear through in an hour or two, so I finally picked up Diary of a Wimpy Kid which has been very popular in the kid’s books world. It was…okay. There were parts of it that were clever and did make me laugh, but I think it was a little too simplistic. It’s more like a graphic novel than a proper kid’s novel or anything which makes it a faster read than normal.

It has a fairly sophisticated twist in that the main character, Greg, is, well, unlikable. However, I think the heavy reliance on illustrations for the humor and plot makes it more difficult to focus on character development and either make him likable despite his foibles or explain the reasons why he’s unlikable. Of course, the things that make him unlikable (he’s selfish, he’s flaky, he’s careless) are also the things that make him a kid, I guess. They’re things that he’ll grow out of (hopefully), but the format of the book doesn’t leave Kinney enough time to make that clear.

Overall, I’m afraid the humor doesn’t make up for the lack of character depth…for me, anyway.

My rating: B-


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