Queen of procrastination

So I sat down today, determined to get some writing done. I opened up my notebook, reread over my notes, uncapped the pen, and promptly thought ‘You know, I should really use up my lemons before they go bad and I never get to use lemons I’ve grown myself.’ So I spent some time thumbing through my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook and my new Dorie Greenspan one and came up with these:

Yes, those are lemons from my probably now-defunct lemon tree – I think the move to his winter home traumatised him more than expected. No, I didn’t just get bored with icing them – I ran out (double it and it would have been perfect, I think, but alas, no more lemons). They’re good, they’re not great. It’s just a shortbread cookie with lemon frosting and I’m not a big fan of shortbreads, but at least I got to use up the lemons, right?

Then I discovered a bag of frozen blueberries and a half-empty container of yoghurt and thought ‘I should use these, too – this yoghurt’s going to go off soon and these blueberries are basically just a giant chunk of blue ice.’ So I made this:

Haven’t tasted it yet, but I’ll let you know how it turned out.

ETA: Well, I’m going to have to go with good, but not great again – it’s a little too heavy on the walnuts for me, I think. But at least I used up that yoghurt before it went bad!

Now, maybe, I’ll be able to scribble out a few sentences or ideas or SOMETHING!

Or I’ll end up watching Dr. Who on PBS. We’ll see…


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