Re: my recent internet silence

Never fear – I have not forgotten you. There has been an ill-fated brownie attempt – there would have been pictures, but my carob powder chose to run amok and, while I will be eating these, they do not meet my standards for sharing with others. But mostly I have been busy watching QI and working on a Sooper Sekrit Project. I will give you a hint.

And, no, it’s nothing to do with a wedding. :p

One thought on “Re: my recent internet silence

  1. Oh . my . word .


    I decided I wanted to bake, and Deb and I decided that brownies sounded good… but after fudging a recipe together for these fabulous triple chocoloate triple nut brownies, I FORGET TO ADD THE SUGAR! So they end up being a bitter, hard, pseudo-cake item that wasted far too much precious chocolate!!

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