Some things are just plain WRONG.

At lunch today, we were talking about retro foods and the topic of Jello molds came up. That led us to the horrifying topic of savory jello. Yes, I’ll repeat that.


All I can picture is an entire chicken suspended in Jello.

And then one of the girls sent around a link to this website that has pictures – terrible, terrible pictures – of some Weight Watchers cards from the 70s.

You think you’ll be prepared for the horrors that await you. ‘Anne,’ you’ll say, ‘what could these recipes possibly be? Surely you are exaggerating.’

Three words: Fluffy Mackerel Pudding. (Clicking on the arrows will take you to other abominations.)

Bon appetit!

Human beatboxxery

By god, it took me nearly as long to figure out how to post these as it did to make it, but finally, I did it!

Anyway, as many of you may (or may not) know, I like music. I have a minor in music, but I don’t play any instrument well enough to perform any sort of pop music or anything. All I can do is sing…tolerably well.


Here is the full version of the song in the Volkswagen advert I posted earlier – One Million Miles Away by J. Ralph:

And here’s mine:

Be kind – keep in mind that a) as a rule, I don’t sing for people as an individual and b) all I had to use was my computer and a microphone (and a musical and technical advisor in the form of my dad). Everything you hear there is me – there are about six measures in one line that I applied an effect to in an attempt to try and make it more interesting, but other than that…it’s just me.

ETA 5/10/09: Rawr! Stupid musicwebtown. Working on it!