Human beatboxxery

By god, it took me nearly as long to figure out how to post these as it did to make it, but finally, I did it!

Anyway, as many of you may (or may not) know, I like music. I have a minor in music, but I don’t play any instrument well enough to perform any sort of pop music or anything. All I can do is sing…tolerably well.


Here is the full version of the song in the Volkswagen advert I posted earlier – One Million Miles Away by J. Ralph:

And here’s mine:

Be kind – keep in mind that a) as a rule, I don’t sing for people as an individual and b) all I had to use was my computer and a microphone (and a musical and technical advisor in the form of my dad). Everything you hear there is me – there are about six measures in one line that I applied an effect to in an attempt to try and make it more interesting, but other than that…it’s just me.

ETA 5/10/09: Rawr! Stupid musicwebtown. Working on it!

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