Dinner at Chez Moi…

Wow, it’s been a long time since my last post, hasn’t it? I have no excuse other than there has been absolutely nothing to post about! Two unsatisfactory baking incidents (I ate them, but I didn’t show them to you) + no books read = no blog. Mostly I’ve been frantically watching Battlestar Galactica, racing to catch up on three seasons’ worth of episodes in time to watch the last season when it starts in April. (So good!)

But. Monday is my mom’s birthday, so I decided to make dinner for all of us last night. First up, Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges with guacamole:

They were lovely and spicy (as the name might indicate) with a very nice combination of coriander, fennel, hot red pepper flakes, and basil (because it turns out I didn’t have any oregano after all).

The main course was Pumpkin Ravioli. I’ll warn you – this looked horrible, but tasted yummy.

We ended up having to eat in courses because I still haven’t perfected the timing of getting everything done at the same time – although I feel that this is partially not my fault seeing as I am hindered by a very small kitchen and the smallest oven ever. The pumpkin ravioli was accompanied by Green Beans Provencale and rolls.

Most importantly, what was for dessert, right? A Pear and Almond Tart from the ever-yummy Smitten Kitchen. And this is also a good opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of my kitchen family:

I have a food processor! I love it. The only trouble is that its cord is very short and the only way I can use it is by putting it on the floor. But I still love it. It made the crust and the almond filling for the tart:

This was very, very good. Sweet but not too sweet and the crust is lovely, very much like shortbread (which I don’t normally like, but here it’s tempered by the moistness of the filling). And it’s pretty, too:


One thought on “Dinner at Chez Moi…

  1. Anne!
    I’m back in Africa!
    But I just wanted to tell you one thing – they do have this marvellous invention these days called an “extension cord”… I’m sure you’ll be able to find one somewhere in the US… hehe. So funny you have to use it on the floor!
    How is everything else? Tell all.

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