From hell’s kitchen…

Well, not much new from here, I’m afraid. I’ve spent the weekend at choir rehearsal/performance and watching QI on my computer.


There were Meyer lemons aplenty at the market a while back, so I bought a bag of them. Now, I don’t know if it’s the brand of Meyer lemons we get here or these in particular or if it’s just Meyer lemons in general, but I absolutely cannot stand the way they smell! It’s horrible! Like lemons and chemicals, but gone horribly, horribly wrong. Horribly.

Fortunately, they taste much better. This time I made the white chocolate, Meyer lemon tart recipe that came printed on the label of the bag. It’s not bad, but still not an ideal way to present Meyer lemons, I feel. Going in, I did think it was a bit of an odd combination – and, having tasted it now, I stand by that concern. It’s sort of as if neither flavor is quite strong enough to dominate and let the other be ‘Oh, there’s just a hint of _____.’ Instead, they sort of cancel each other out and let the creamy texture do all the work.

And here’s the first one I took. I’d say Stephen Fry looks a bit dubious about the quality of this dessert…

I do sort of worry that the Meyer lemon (or, more specifically I suppose, the best way of preparing them) may very well become my Moby Dick. I will do my best to keep my ambition for the perfect Meyer lemon vehicle in check. 😉


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