Two things on a Sunday afternoon…

As I’m nearing the last slice of my white chocolate, Meyer lemon tart, I needed a dessert to take its place. So this morning, I turned to my new Martha Stewart cookie book for inspiration and decided to make the chocolate sandwich cookies. Though not a disaster (especially not the result), there were a couple of WTF moments, the first of which occurred after mixing together the dough.

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but that? Is not what cookie dough should look like. It was bizarrely crumbly and sandy, not at all scoopable as the instructions, and my past experience with cookie dough, implied it should be. I’m still not sure if I just mis-measured something or if this is another instance of my carob powder just deciding to do bizarre things in an attempt to undermine my baking confidence, but in an attempt to salvage it, I added a LOT of vanilla and then probably about a quarter cup of water. I had no idea if this would work, but I figured it really couldn’t get any worse.

As it turns out, I was right!

It worked just fine after that and I went on my merry way, making cookies for the next two hours since I could only fit six on a single cookie sheet. But in doing so, I managed to burn myself – which I never do! I banged my arm on the hot pan during a switchover, dropped the one I was putting into the oven, and proceeded to swear quite a bit. I feel it was justified.

Then all that was left to do was to mix up the vanilla filling and put them together. The recipe says to use a piping bag to fill the cookies, but the consistency of the filling is remarkably like that found in an Oreo (at least, it’s how I remember it being since I haven’t actually had an Oreo in…15 years, probably). Imagine using a pastry bag for that. Not going to work, right? Right. So I had to scoop it all out and just ended up using my fingers to make little balls of the filling to squish between the cookies. Much easier, I think. I probably could have been more generous with the filling, but I knew I had some monsters coming up at the end and didn’t want to run out (I had a hard time getting the cookies to the right size – I finally got it right after about three trays through, but the first few batches were fairly large).

Yum! (Actually, they’re so sweet, I can only eat one at a time and it has to be chased with a large glass of milk, but that would just look weird in the photo…)

p.s. – I resisted Vampire Weekend for the longest time, as they were supposedly the Next Big Thing, but I have recently fallen to their charms, and gleefully so. They’re playing at the Metro on Sunday and I was all excited until I realised the show didn’t start until 9:00. Come on, guys, some of your fans have to go to work the next day. Friday and Saturday shows start at 9:00, but surely Sunday shows should start at 7:00… Anyway, go forth and listen (if you haven’t already)!

M79 by Vampire Weekend


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