Those of you with delicate constitutions…

…should avert your eyes now.

This was supposed to be a Meyer lemon and ginger pie (a variation on the Shaker lemon pie). What it turned out to be was my first complete baking disaster. There have been things in the past that I’ve made that I have refrained from showing you, but those have all been things that I ate anyway.

This was inedible.

My mom (who is willing to eat almost anything) and I each had one bite and promptly put our forks down. I threw it away immediately, bypassing the trashcan in my kitchen and carrying it down to the dumpster so it wouldn’t be in my apartment any longer than was necessary.

I don’t know what I did wrong. So far, my best theory is that I used too much lemon juice and the extra acidity caused the eggs to not set when baking. My second best theory is that I covered too much of the pie with foil for the first half of the baking time, but it’s a distant second as I don’t really think that’s responsible. I also realised as I was constructing it that I had never made a two-crust pie before – thus the extraordinarily thick edges (I wasn’t sure how much extra dough I needed for sealing things up. ‘Not that much’ is the answer.).

I have one more bag of Meyer lemons left and they are being used in these Meyer lemon iced cupcakes that I’m planning on making tomorrow, so hopefully there will be a successful baking post then.

The nerdy television trifecta…

I have spent the whole day glued to my computer, awaiting the final episode of Torchwood, the first episode of Battlestar Galactica, and the first episode of Doctor Who.

Seen Torchwood – very sad. I cried. But not everyone that I’d heard was leaving left. So that’s good! Hopefully. 😉

Seen Battlestar Galactica – it’s a lot harder watching this show when I don’t have the next episode waiting for me already. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

Seen Doctor Who – I love that Donna got to come back to be the new companion, she’s so much better than Martha (even though the only reason I hated Martha was that she wasn’t Rose). And Rose!? Oh, I definitely hope she turns up again – the Doctor would be so happy to see her! Working on obtaining Doctor Who, but things are going a bit slowly. Watched the Xmas special yesterday – very sad. I cried.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up on Green Wing. Which I love!

That and Smallville.


Stay tuned for a gardening update and an honest-to-god baking DISASTER. 😉