Disaster strikes!

It all started yesterday afternoon. I came home from work and went to check on my plants who were out on the balcony enjoying the lovely warm weather. What I found was my two sunflowers lying on the ground across from their containers. I don’t know if it was the squirrel or the fact that it was very windy that day. I’d like to give the squirrel the benefit of the doubt, but, while it may have been windy, the plants were on the ground and I find it hard to believe that the wind knockd them over while they were on the ground surrounded by walls.

So there was an emergency repotting. They’re on their own now because they can’t come back in if it freezes again.

But the real disaster is that everyone else seems to have just given up, particularly the pumpkin.

The cat grass is looking feeble through no fault of its own. Arthur has been very enthusastically making use of it. The thing is, he doesn’t just chew on it…he rips it out of the dirt and leaves little cat grass corpses littering the battlefield. I’ve sort of tried to mash them back into the dirt, but we’ll see how it goes…

Maybe I’ll just go have another cupcake… 😦

At least one thing went right around here…

I got my oven thermometer on Monday and immediately put it to work. I haven’t established a pattern – the temperature differences seem to be on some sort of bizarre sliding scale:

  • 350 = 350
  • 400 = 350
  • 425 = 350
  • 425 = 395
  • 450 = 400

It makes, to quote Eddie Izzard, no sense. So basically I just check it before I put things in the oven now. The first test case was Chocolate Dulce de Leche cupcakes. I took in some to work to share round at lunch and they went over very well.

The recipe says to just put dulce de leche on for frosting, but I mixed about 4 ounces of cream cheese and…well, however much dulce de leche I had left and it turned out very nicely.