…and, well, I think you get the idea…

Ooh, these are very nice. Sort of baked (not quite cakey, as implied by the name, but definitely more substantial than the rest of it) at the top and then it sort of melts into a lovely tart-sweet custard underneath. A very good use of the last of my Meyer Lemons.

And that’s it for the small things. Hopefully there’ll be two posts sometime this weekend that involve some rather complicated cakes.

Hopefully. 😉

…and continues…

I made these Bleeding Heart Cupcakes last night. Alas, they fall into the category of things that, even as I’m making them, I think ‘I’m not going to like this…why am I making it?’ It’s coconut cupcakes, filled with raspberry jam, and topped with lemon frosting. Which should be good, but I think it all ends up being a bit too sweet. Although I’m a fan of desserts, I like ones that are more subtly sweet and this one pretty much smothers you with sugar.

And it has coconut which, as far as I’m concerned is a Controversial Ingredient.

Every once in a while, I get a sort of craving for coconut and then I have it and realise that I was right to stay away. It’s not the flavor so much as the bizarre papery consistency. So I’ve tried to pawn these off on everybody I know and my parents will be finding the rest waiting in the freezer for them when they come back.

But at least they’re pretty! Next on the dessert itinerary… Meyer Lemon Custard Cakes.