Better late than never…

Well, my plan to make two fancy desserts totally fell through. As usual, things took a lot longer than I anticipated to make. Now these, I feel I should warn you, look a little like a cow heart.

Or so I imagine.

I say it’s not my fault, though. I was trying to make individual-sized cakes and had to do a bit of jury-rigging which resulted in these abominations. I like to think that if I were to make one in a 9-inch springform cake pan as the recipe instructed instead of 6 4-inch remekins, it would look a lot nicer.


They taste really, really nice! The gelatin layer at the top is a nice texture contrast to the cake and the bavarian cream filling and the whole thing is subtly sweet and kind of refreshing. So a half success. I really need to work on my presentation skills which, at this point, are nonexistent.


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