Look out, Panera…

I did quite a bit of baking this weekend, successful and otherwise. I made some Cinnamon cupcakes/muffins which are fine, but boring, so I didn’t take a picture of them to show you. But then I decided I wanted bread bowls for the copious amounts of soup that I have laying around the house.

So I made some.

They looked smaller than I wanted when I made them, but now that I’ve eaten one I think they’re just fine the way they are. And I only burned myself slightly once. The recipe calls for a pre-heated cast iron skillet to have water poured into it after the bread is put in the oven. Now I knew there was going to be steam, that’s the whole point of it (I think it helps to create a crust or something), but I think I didn’t realise how much and neglected to wear an oven mitt on both hands.

Not very clever of me.


Except what they were watching was the bees. The bees are back! I don’t know what everyone’s talking about the bees disappearing because I know where they are. Here! And they watch me.

I know you think I’m imagining it, but I’m not.

And they also throw themselves at my windows, looking for a weak spot. So far they have been unsuccessful.

So far.