Summer blockbuster tally, part 1

I forgot that it was May which means it’s time for the summer blockbusters to begin, so let’s kick things off with Iron Man!

I went because I adore Robert Downey, Jr. (I don’t know why, but I saw him in Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and that was it – I love him!), but it turned out to actually be a pretty good movie, especially for a comic book one. The only problem was that it sort of felt like this whole movie was just setup for the sequel (no, I don’t think it’s official, but if you go see it, stay to see the little tag after the credits and tell me that you don’t think there’s meant to be one). There was a lot of backstory, which was to be expected because they have to explain how he becomes Iron Man, but it seemed to be ALL backstory.

I really liked Gwyneth Paltrow, too, as Pepper Potts (awesome name, no?), but I wish she’d been in it more because she and RDJ had really great chemistry. Also, I hope for her sake that those shoes she’s wearing in the big, final showdown were CGI or something because I have no idea how she ran around in them otherwise.

But mostly it’s down to RDJ. He has this great sort of casual, kind of sardonic delivery that’s just great. Plus he has those big soulful, cow eyes and that’s not hurting anything. 😉

I have to say, though, that, even though I liked it, I’m reserving final judgement on this one until I’ve seen the second one, so for now, the summer blockbuster tally is at 0-1-0.

Up next, I think, will be Indiana Jones – yay!

Come and get it!

It was a beautiful, sunny day today (well, for most of the day today – it’s raining and chilly now), so I decided to get planting! Remember my seed experiment? Well, all that’s left is one of the sunflowers, so planting also entailed a trip to the plant nursery.

Or two trips.

Or, if I’m honest, even three trips.

But it looks very nice at the moment. We’ll see how long it lasts before the squirrel comes for some nibblies.

I’m very excited about the corn, mostly for its comic potential. I live on the third floor of an apartment building, so I’m hoping that, once it gets tall enough, people will drive by, look up, and say ‘Is that…corn?’

And that’s actually a hanging basket of flowers there in the corner, but it’s filling the lemon plant’s empty spot until it comes back again.

Did I tell you what happened with the lemon plant? I don’t think I did! Well, it went to winter at my parent’s house and, long story short, it’s dying now. Or trying to, anyway. It got these big, shiny, unsettling leaves on it and the man at the garden shop said ‘Oh, that’s what they do right before they die,’ but reports from my mom are that it suddenly has a few new regular leaves now. So it’s lingering.

But we’re going to buy a new one once the shop gets them in and then I’ll hang up that hanging basket…

The bees were out while I was planting these with my mom and they really are bizarre. It’s like they hover around going ‘Whatcha doin’?’ ‘Whatcha lookin’ at?’ ‘Can I see?’ It is very odd behavior for a bee, I feel. But there you have it So…

Do your worst, squirrel and three bees!