Eddie and Maddie FTW!

It was Eddie day yesterday and he was fantastic, as per usual! I think the only trouble is that he tends to revisit topics that he thinks are interesting (e.g., history, religion, technology) and things that he thinks are funny (e.g., ducks, Jeff, jam, toasters, and squirrels), so because I know his standup so well, sometimes he talks about things that he’s talked about before. Which is not to say that I don’t love him. I do! In fact, the only reason I’m able to say that about his show last night is because I adore him and have almost all of his standup memorised (Yes, I’m lame. So what?).

Also, I’m thinking that since a lot of people might know him from The Riches and go ‘Oh, hey, it’s that guy from The Riches doing standup – let’s go see him!’ and not know that he’s a comedian first that he’s sort of trying to do a kind of version of a ‘Best of’ as an introduction for them.

Which is not to say that he wasn’t funny and charming and lovely as ever – he was! And he was in ‘bloke’ mode, so no skirt and no makeup, I’m sorry to say, although he looked equally yummy in his jeans and tail coat. 😉

Some highlights:

  1. Squirrel + toaster = elephant
  2. *cough* Tiger. *cough* I think that’s a tiger.
  3. Dinosaurs in church.
  4. The myserious contents of iTunes agreements.
  5. Oh, just everything the man says…EVER!

So…yeah. Eddie rocks.

Know who else rocks?


Know who’s going to see her in October?


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