The bees! The bees are back!

So I was at work today, proofing a set of pages, when I heard a familiar ‘Thwack!’ noise against the window. I looked up and saw a big, round bumblebee flying away.

My first thought – and I’m not saying this for comedic effect, it’s really what went through my head – was ‘THEY FOUND ME!’

In other news, I’m in the middle of what may be the best movie ever: Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter. It has Jesus paired with a Mexican wrestler, fighting vampires in Canada.

And it’s a musical.

It. Is. Awesome.


2 thoughts on “The bees! The bees are back!

  1. Perhaps the bees are trying to tell you to visit

    I’ve been awake nights worrying about the little critters. I love bees!

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