Help the honeybees!

In response to my latest post about my buzzy…friends, Janis linked me to a cute but worrying website called Help the Honeybees (run by Haagen Dazs). It’s really scary that they’re disappearing like they are. I was glad to see that a few of the plants I’ve got on my balcony are honeybee-friendly (although I’m realising now I don’t know if my huge fucking furry little bumblies are honeybees or not). But you should definitely go check it out – they have some little things that you can do to help the honeybees and local beekeepers, too…

(Eddie starts talking about bees at 2:05…)


2 thoughts on “Help the honeybees!

  1. I saw this site also when I was researching a post after seeing a documentary called “The last beekeeper.” I also felt encouraged and horrified by the content of that site. I think that it is great the point you make about the plants on your apartment balcony. It’s important to know that you don’t have to have a lot of real estate to help.

    Have you read anything that suggests taking economic steps, through purchasing power, to help the bees?

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