A bee update.

Ugh, they are in fine form this morning! I have been forced to get the spray bottle out. It’s kind of a game for both of us I think – I stand at the screen door and when they get too close, I spray water through the screen at them. The screen makes it mist very fine, so I don’t think it can hurt them (Bees can’t fly in the rain, right? I was worried two nights ago when we had our first big thunderstorm – one of the bumblies [well, not technically, but more on that later] seemed to be trapped on my balcony. I think he sought refuge in one of the planters that hangs up under the eaves and just waited it out…), plus it doesn’t reach very far and they are always hovering just beyond. Also, it’s nice for me as it has just started being on the toasty side of things outside, so when the mist that I’m spraying at the bees blows back into the apartment at me (which is usually how it goes), it’s a nice way to cool off.

Frankly, I think one of them even likes it, he keeps flying back and forth like it’s the bee equivalent of running through a sprinkler.

But. Because they were being so annoying this morning, I finally fired up the trusty internet and had a look round to see what kind of bee they are and I discovered that they are:

Carpenter drone bees!

It’s a little worrying because that means that they are bees that like to live in wood and there’s definitely wood (and probably old wood, too) around here. But on the plus side, they don’t have stingers – yay! The little description at that website there is quite cute and very accurate – they do act very curious (though I hope their attentions don’t mean they think I’m a sex object – giant bumblies are not really what I’m on the market for…) and they definitely have the white spot on their foreheads.

So alas, not honeybees, but at least I know what they are and have an explanation for their bizarre behavior.


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