A little mountain, er, balcony greenery…

I thought it was time for a garden update! After a terrific thunderstorm this morning, I assumed everybody would be quite droopy and waterlogged, but quite the opposite – everyone seems to have grown tremendously. I happened to take some photos about a week ago (the 28th, to be specific) and then never got around to posting them so you can see how fast some things are growing. The snap peas and cucumber aren’t as impressive as the others – I found the first snap pea flower just this afternoon and the cucumber leaves are all soft and velevety, but they don’t look as interesting.

The strawberries look about the same right now – just a few more flowers.

So far the tomatoes are looking good and the squirrel has not been for a visit yet.

The herbs have become fairly overgrown. If I had the room, I’d thin them out a bit, but the small balcony means that (not unlike the city) they’re just going to have to lump it.

I staked the sunflower this afternoon with my trusty makeshift stake (translation: a knitting needle). And as you can see, the other two I planted have already started to come up!

The pumpkins are flourishing.

And the eggplant is positively prehistoric.


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