Ah, spring!

When a young woman’s fancy turns to thoughts of…TORNADOES!


So far the siren’s gone off twice tonight. Not that I do anything – basically my emergency process is to put the cats in their carrier, debate which of my two windowless closets rooms is safer (one is an exterior room and the other has a fully-laden bookshelf inside ready to fall on me, two fully-laden bookshelves outside ready to block me in, and it backs up to the gas stove ready to explode or asphyxiate me or whatever it decides to do), and listen to see if my neighbors are making a run for it. Tonight I’ve settled on the taking refuge in the bathroom with the two doors open to block the window.

There’s also a LOT of lightning – it’s nearly my bedtime, but I think it might be a little too bright to sleep…

I hope the bumblies are tucked up for the night…

Ah, springtime in Illinois.


One thought on “Ah, spring!

  1. Wow, tornadoes! That’s so weird! Can I visit during tornado season? (although winter ie jan/feb 2009 is looking more probable).

    Oh, and does your bathroom not have a lot of glass? Is shattering glass not a hazard? Tornadoes are totally foreign to me so I have no idea! The basement sounds like a safe place, and that’s where they always go in the movies… but I assume your apartment doesn’t have a basement…

    How is everything, by the way?

    Oh, and I’m looking at doing a camera/binocular purchase trip on my way back in 2009, so hopefully i’ll be stopping by! I’ll keep you posted!

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