Oh, Next Door Neighbor…

I’m in the middle of waiting for my iPod to re-sync with iTunes (Hast thou forsaken me, Hadley Jr.?!) because it (Hadley Jr.) has started to get confused about what it thinks it’s playing (e.g., it says it’s playing Coldplay, but really it’s playing Flunk [which could very well mean that it’s developed a consciousness and is passing judgement on my music selection], it says it’s playing Pretty Mary Sunlite [Scooby!] when actually it’s playing Flogging Molly, and Fiona Apple for Tilly and the Wall [it seems to prefer the ‘F’s, no?]) and Next Door Neighbor is having a music extravaganza.

He played a song that I didn’t know but I really liked and then moved on to that song that goes ‘Signed, sealed, delivered, I’M YOURS!’

And sang along. Oh, Next Door Neighbor, I love you so much more than I love Stompy.

ETA: Based on the way the floor is vibrating, I’m going to say it’s evolved from solo-karaoke to a solo dance party. You are the best next door neighbor, Next Door Neighbor.

ETA2: Hmm, the dance party has turned maudlin all of a sudden (and back to karaoke) – So Cruel and One (U2, just in case). Maybe he just had a bad breakup?