A Piano in the Pyrenees by Tony Hawks (not to be confused with Tony Hawk – big difference)

Pay attention, Steve and Sloane, this is how to write a book and be likable. Here is an example of someone who is patently not like me (he’s a middle-aged British man, I’m a twenty-something American girl; he can afford a house in London and a house in the Pyrenees, I rent a studio apartment in the midwest) and yet I like him. He seems like a good bloke.

So basically this time around, Tony decides to buy a house in the French Pyrenees and then build a pool. It doesn’t sound like very much, but this book (and his others) is really carried by his voice. Tony tends to just be swept along by events and, luckily enough, things always seem to turn out for the best. Despite the humor of the book and his narration, his affection for his new friends and neighbors (and his old friends, too) is clear which I think helps make it easy to cheer for him despite the fact that I can in no way relate to his experiences.

I don’t care if Mitchell and Webb made fun of him (and Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace), I still like him.

If you’re intrigued at all, I would recommend starting with Round Ireland With a Fridge which is my favorite of the bunch, but Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure is great fun as is Danny Wallace’s Yes Man. They’ll definitely give you the travel bug (at least Tony and Dave’s books will) and they’re all great fun.

My rating: B+


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