Practically vegan in every way…

…except for the frosting. Because I couldn’t bring myself to actually buy margarine. But other than that, they are vegan-friendly! And, of course, they’re carob, not chocolate, so they’re me-friendly. 😉

I have to say that I absolutely did not think this was going to work – the batter was very runny and not at all a typical cupcake batter texture. For once, oddly enough, the carob powder did not suck all the moisture out of the recipe. But after the 18 minutes of baking was up, they’d risen just like a normal cupcake and they’re lovely and moist. I’m a little worried that they’ll firm up now that they’re in the fridge, but it’s just so hot and humid here that I didn’t feel good about just leaving them out on the counter either…

Recipe is from here. I have to especially give props to the frosting recipe – very nice – not too sweet, not too cloying and again, the carob behaved itself and everything was perfect!

Except for my cake decorating skillz which obviously leave something to be desired. And except, of course, for the margarine. 😉

I have lots of things I’ve been meaning to post – mainly pictures of the garden – there are baby vegetables out there, just waiting for the squirrel to pay a visit! – but in the face of the world’s most massive writer’s block, I’ve undertaken another sooper sekrit project which is pleasantly occupying my time in the evenings…

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