A miscellany…

I’m so behind on things I wanted to post about – a movie review, a book review, Next-Door Neighbor’s name (!), and my garden! My garden is up first, though, because things happen so fast – it seems like the moment I take some pictures and upload them to post, something new has changed. So far everyone’s doing fairly well – the corn was slightly damaged by a very windy thunderstorm on Sunday, so we’ll see how he holds up. But at least he has a friend now – seriously, this is one of the cutest things ever!

Say hello to his little friend! Taken before Sunday, so he’s not leaning quite as precariously as he is at the moment. But how darling is that little baby corn?! I didn’t actually plant it, so it must have fallen (?) off of the main stalk. I don’t know if it counts as two since they started as the same one, but, provided the big one hasn’t bit the dust, I expect we’ll (or the squirrel will, at any rate) find out.

The cherry tomatoes seem to think that there’s some sort of race on:

and they’re totally winning. The whole thing is practically covered in flowers just waiting to turn into little green tomatos. The other tomato plant is faring pretty well, still:

He doesn’t quite have the personality that Lazarus did, but I like him anyway. There is one strawberry:

and there are lots of snap pea pods:

I think I’m meant to be eating these fairly soon, but I’m not sure… The eggplant is still attempting to overthrow the balcony, though it’s finally gotten some flowers so maybe it will turn its attention to those rather than balcony domination.

And after a few weeks of freaking me out from its place in a glass on the dining room table, the avocado finally got planted in a fit of ‘I know it’s not doing anything, but I can’t take it staring at me anymore!’ And now it’s doing something.

With friends. So that is all the gardening news to be had, I think. I’ll keep you posted if anything sprouts legs or falls off the balcony. Hopefully some harvesting will be taking place soon!


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