So I did a lot of baking and cooking this weekend – and I’m not even done (due to a botched batch of pizza dough, I have to go to the market tomorrow and get more olive oil and yeast so I can have another go)! I made ravioli filling to get rid of the rest of my wonton wrappers, then I tried to make the aforementioned pizza dough in order to make calzones to get rid of the rest of the ravioli filling, tomorrow I’ll make pesto with my basil which is running rampant on the balcony at the moment, and I also made cherry cheese-cupcakes to use up the rest of the cherries I had from making something that I can’t tell you about until next weekend…

It’s just Martha Stewart’s Ricotta Cheesecake topped with cherry pie filling (made from real cherries – which is oddly cathartic to make seeing as I don’t have a cherry pitter), poured into muffin papers, and then baked for 30 minutes. I’m not sure the small size is as appropriate for this particular recipe because, although it’s very tasty, it doesn’t have the same dense texture as the full-sized version. But, still very yummy…

Fiction: Essays

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris

I was going to say that my initial reaction to this book compared to the other one was that these essays were a bit more sad. Not, like, crying-sad, but, wow, life is really depressing sometimes when you’re not looking-sad. Except that I can easily think of two things that made me laugh really hard. Outloud. Late at night. If my neighbors now think I’m crazy and decide to call me…Laughy McLateatnight (look closely and it’ll make sense), it is David Sedaris’ fault.

So, I suppose the one-line review of this book would be:

More pitch-perfect writing from a master of memoirist humor.

My rating: A-