Summer blockbuster tally, part 5

I actually saw this a few days ago, but I’ve been putting off posting about it because I still can’t decide what I thought of it. And I typed that last sentence a few days ago and still haven’t decided.

For starters, this is a much darker movie – darker like The Incredibles was dark, dealing with a quite scary (for the grown-ups, at any rate) premise, but I’m not sure it redeems itself. It ends on what is meant to be a hopeful note, though I’m not sure it actually is and is not really reassuring at all.

And that’s the root of my problem. Wall-E (the character) is really, really cute and whenever he did something funny, I’d start to laugh. And then I’d remember what started all this and I would start to think ‘Oh. It’s not really funny, is it?’ But I think I was meant to laugh and that’s what I find unsettling. There are also some other things that made me uncomfortable (the robots in the maintenance ward and what we evolve to [though that may just be me and my vague food issues]) and I think the filmmakers wanted me to laugh at them.

About ten minutes into the movie, I thought ‘Crap. I’m going to have to buy this movie.’ Not because I really think it’s one I’d enjoy watching over and over again (unlike Ratatouille or The Incredibles), but because I’m absolutely desperate to watch it with a director’s commentary (which Pixar usually provide). I have to know if they meant to unsettle their audience (the grown-ups – kids won’t realise what’s so scary about all this) or if that’s just me projecting my various fears onto the movie.

So, I’d say go see it – it’s interesting (both for the reasons I’ve talked about and the fact that Pixar have made an essentially silent movie into a summer blockbuster) and well done – but I’ll warn you that I spent much of the movie on the brink of tears for one reason or another. If I’d been at home by myself, there would have been crying.

Of course, all of these complex emotions and conflicting ideas may have all been down to the fact that I was drinking a grape Icee INSTEAD OF A BLUE ONE! Seriously, my moviegoing world has been turned upside down. What is the point of going to a movie if you don’t leave it with a blue mouth?!


My rating: 2-2-1

Semantics note: I’m calling this one a draw because I think it was a good movie, but I don’t think I enjoyed it and that’s really all that counts in the summer blockbuster tally.

Safety note: Avert your eyes during the previews. Beverly Hills Chihuahua will make you lose the will to live.


One thought on “Summer blockbuster tally, part 5

  1. Anne –

    You are one of the sweetest, most intelligent and funniest friends I have, and I heart you for that. However, sometimes you just think WAY WAY WAY too much!!

    (Says me who couldn’t understand why everyone missed the very real questions raised about ex-situ conservation in the animated movie Madagascar).

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