Summer blockbuster tally, part 6

So after the moral/laughter dilemma that was Wall-E, I decided I wanted something that more aptly fell into the category of Summer Blockbuster. In other words, something mindless, full of plot holes, a few explosions, a car chase here and there, and a bit of eye candy.

Sound good? Then get your bloodlust on and head down to your local cinema and watch the MOST AWESOME MOVIE OF THE SUMMER!

Seriously. It is so full of the awesome, I can barely type straight! Wanted is definitely not what I usually look for in a movie, but it was definitely what I needed today. I’m not going to bore you with details (and really, neither is the movie), but James MacAvoy + Angelina Jolie + Sooper Sekrit Assassin Agency = MADE OF WIN!

I was pleasantly surprised that James can carry an action movie on his slight Scottish shoulders (awesome American accent, by the way, James!), especially after the more cerebral films (The Last King of Scotland, Atonement) and the romantic ones (Becoming Jane). The only problem is that, in the right light, he is the spitting image of Zach Braff:

so every once in a while, I expected him to look up and launch into an elaborate fantasy sequence or voiceover. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything by telling you that doesn’t happen. But I think he could be capable of picking up where Bruce Willis left off with the whole unexpected-hero genre. Angelina Jolie is fantastic – she’s so good in these sorts of roles (Gone in 60 Seconds, the Tomb Raiders, etc.) where she gets to just drape herself over any surface that stands still long enough (and some that don’t), I often forget that she’s actually a really good actress (although, really, it seems unfair that someone should be allowed to be so beautiful AND talented).

So, yes. Lots of blood and violence, but if you’re okay with that, it’s a very fun way to spend five dollars and a couple of hours (despite the lack of a blue Icee). And definitely a good way to get your adrenaline fix for the day – when I drove home, I was still all revved up, so know what I did? I shifted straight from third to fifth. Yeah, I’m badass like that. Fourth gear is for pussies.

Summer blockbuster tally = 3-2-1


One thought on “Summer blockbuster tally, part 6

  1. I heard that this movie has a bad ending. I’m about to download it, but I want to hear comments from others.

    Is it true? I mean the bad ending?

    Edited to reply: I can see how some people might not like the way it ended, but I thought it was good. Seemed very appropriate, at any rate. Hope you like it!

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