My first harvest!

As I was getting ready to have my dinner, I went out to water my garden and discovered that my ear of corn was finally ready to be picked!

Very exciting, no? But once I picked it, I realised ‘Well. Now I’m going to have to eat it.’

It didn’t really complement my leftover Thai food, but it was still yummy, slathered with butter and showered with salt.

I can feel my arteries clogging as I type, but it was worth it. 😉

Holy cake disaster, Batman! Redux Or,…

…how to make a cake with all the right ingredients.

Remember the bizarro cake? Well, I looked in my kitchen the other day and thought ‘Cream, cake flour, corn syrup, candy thermometer…wait a minute, I can make bizarro cake!’ The only ingredient I didn’t have was buttermilk and, rather than tempt fate, I decided to go out and get some.

This cake is much easier to make when you have all the ingredients. There was only the tiniest reservoir this time, to my great relief, and no weird, curdled caramel. I will admit that I may have slightly burned the caramel, but it still tastes good. The general warning I’ve been giving people is that if you like your marshmallows on fire and then blown out, this cake is for you. If you like your marshmallows with an even, gentle golden brown, this cake is not for you. I think it’s sort of mellowed a bit in the fridge (and with a few days of age), but the warning still stands.

But, yes. Yummy. One of the girls at work declared it her favorite of all the things I’ve brought so far.

ETA: Oh, I forgot. Bizarro cake is not its proper name. It is caramel cake courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.