Guess what I did today!


I know this is not a big deal to many of you, but I’ve always been too scared to do it. Today, though, the blood drive at work was in memory of one of the other editor’s mother who recently passed away and it was that extra guilt which, along with my normal guilt, finally made me say ‘I have no excuse not to do it, I am a grown-up and I shouldn’t be afraid of things like this, I am going to do it!’

And even though I very nearly passed out, it was not nearly as scary as I’d always thought it would be. It’s not the needle or the blood that always freaked me out before, but the rubber band they strap around your arm to find a vein. But now they just use a blood pressure cuff, so I needn’t have worried! I made it all the way through, but as soon as she’d removed the needle and was putting the bag of blood in the cooler, I suddenly felt very lightheaded. They tipped the chair back, put cool cloths on my forehead and neck, and assured me that I was not the only one that day to do the same thing. After about fifteen minutes, I was feeling better and munched on my cookie reward.

I don’t know what blood type I am, but I think they send you a note telling you – I’m hoping to be something rare and exotic, of course, or one of the universals would be fun.

So you should donate blood (if you don’t already) – if I did it, you can do it!


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