Summer blockbuster tally, part 8

I haven’t seen an episode of The X-Files in absolutely ages, but I was still looking forward to seeing the new movie. It was fun to catch up with Agents Mulder and Scully (though they’re no longer agents, I think), but I felt like there were a lot of things that I missed – most having to do with their relationship to one another – very confusing!

Plotwise, I think it just felt like an extra-long episode of the series, nothing really special. Things felt a little disjointed and confusing – just like the series, I guess. And it was a bit gruesome, but that’s to be expected, I suppose. Unfortunately, I think it was a little…boring.

But it has made me want to go back and re-watch the series to see if it still holds up, so that’s where I’ll be for a while!

Summer blockbuster tally = 4-3-1

ETA: Carp! Sounds like there was a post-credits tag scene, but I didn’t know about it to stay – anybody out there in Internet-land know what it was? I’ll be searching for a download otherwise…

Look who’s back!

It’s not the drones – I haven’t seen them since the wasps showed up (don’t worry, I…took care of them) – I think it must be a female since it’s not all black like the drones are and doesn’t have the white spot in its forehead like the drones do.

It was really enjoying the meyer lemon plant – climbing around all the flowers and sticking its head right inside. And look how furry it is! So cute!